What Is IceCold.Finance?

Founded in 2022, IceCold Finance is a platform to learn anything about finance. IceCold Finance was established by a group of experts with extensive knowledge in various financial categories. 

This platform teaches people about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, stock market, forex, money management, risk management, and business opportunities. Anything related to finance, we will write educational articles about them here. Our writers have big experience with all these topics. 

We will also share in-depth analysis about particular startups and cryptocurrencies when we find and complete our studies on them.


daniel cardoba

Daniel Cardoba

Daniel has plenty of experience working with fintech startups in Indonesia. He got his degree in accounting and finance from University Padjadjaran (Unpad) in Indonesia. He has been working as content contributor and ghostwriter at Indonesian biggest media companies. Most of his topics include market analysis, financial education, and small business management.


Ruddy Gunawan

Ruddy is a business development specialist and cryptocurrency expert from Indonesia. He got his degree in business development from Academia Politecnica Interactiva, and he also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Maranatha University.  He used to work at big cryptocurrency companies, and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for Deftify, a new blockchain data and analytics platform.